This is a very common question for those who are moving. What exactly is a dish pack box and is it really necessary for moving?

What Is A Dish Pack Box? A dish pack box is about the size of a medium box, usually, around 18 x 18 x 28 (5.2 cubic feet), or 18 x 18 x 18 and the walls are twice as thick as regular boxes. The double-walled boxes are intended to provide extra protection for fragile items such as glass, plates, bowls, cups, stemware and other items that can break during the relocation process.

If you have very breakable or fragile items, it is best to use a dish pack box. Although they are a bit more expensive than your regular box, the amount of protection it provides is worth it.

Many consumers who don’t know about dish packs and have breakable items will just use regular boxes to pack their fragile items. While in some cases you can in fact safely move your fragile items in a regular box, in some cases it’s absolutely crucial to use a dish pack box.

When To Use A Dish Pack Box?

It’s recommended to always use dish pack boxes when you have very breakable items, you are moving long-distance, or moving into storage.

When moving long-distance, it’s common for your items to be bouncing around a bit for quite some time. It’s also common for your items to be handled a few more times before they reach their final destination. In these cases, dish pack boxes are essential to use to ensure your fragile items make it without breaking.

If moving locally, moving companies will charge by the hour and move you in a quick and efficient amount of time. When this happens, oftentimes boxes are loaded quickly and may shift during transition.

On any move, it’s always best to grab at least 3 -5 dish pack boxes for your fragile kitchen items.

If you are moving into storage, use a dish pack box. Regular lightweight boxes that are stacked on top of each other for long periods of time will likely begin to smash due to gravity. Having a dish pack provides extra strength to keep your fragile items safe.

How To Pack A Dish Pack

The first thing you do when packing your fragile items into a dish pack is to open the box and tape one side. When you open the box, before opening it, fold the top flaps down, then open it. This allows you to pack the box with the flaps out of the way.

After taping the box with 3 pieces of tape, bundle up a packing paper on the bottom to provide cushion for whatever goes in the box. If you are packing dishes, make sure you always pack your plates or items vertically in the box. This keeps the contents from cracking when the moving truck goes over bumps.

When all your items are about 80% to the top, layer another layer of crumpled packing paper to secure all the items inside. You don’t want items inside to move around, you want everything to be snug fit. Close the box and tape it shut with another 3 pieces of tape. Mark the box on the side, not the top.

If packed correctly you should be able to drop a dish pack box or knock it over and the contents should still be fine. Don’t actually do this, but in theory, if it’s accidentally dropped, everything inside should still be safe.

What Kinds Of Items To Pack In A Dish Pack

Dish packs are designed to hold any kind of fragile item you intend to pack into a box. Common items are your kitchen items such as dishes and other glassware. You can also use a dish pack to pack any other fragile glass items you wish to protect during the relocation.

The heavy-duty walls are designed to keep the box from smashed when stacked, poked by other items, and provide protection when being dropped.

Where To Get Dish Pack Boxes

Dish Pack Boxes

Dish pack boxes are usually bought at stores such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Uhaul locations. You can also get dish pack boxes online. These boxes are usually about double the cost of regular boxes. Regular boxes at Home Depot usually run for about one dollar, where are the heavy-duty dish pack boxes run about two dollars.

You can also buy dish packs online, but from what we’ve seen, if you have a Home Depot or Lowe’s in your area, it’s best to buy them there. Online they can run for more than $5 each where the department stores are usually under $2.

If you are hiring a moving company, many times moving companies will sell you heavy-duty dish packs, but again the cost will be more than getting them yourself at the department stores.

Another place to find dish pack boxes is on sites like Craigslist. If you search your area for people who’ve just moved in, oftentimes they will be getting rid of all of their used boxes. This is a great affordable way to find cheap or free moving boxes and supplies.

When You Can Use Regular Boxes Instead Of Dish Packs

It’s ok to use a regular box rather than a dish pack box is when you have plates and dishes of low value and you are moving locally. If your move is just around the corner and the movers most likely won’t be handling your boxes multiple times, it should be ok to use a regular box. Just make sure you pack the boxes the right way and everything should be fine.

It’s also ok to use regular boxes rather than dish packs when your moving and you make sure to take extra care of the boxes your fragile items are packed in.

Related Questions:

Are dish packs recyclable? Yes, dish pack boxes are recyclable, and oftentimes the boxes you buy from the department stores are made from recycled materials. After you move consider posting your used boxes on Craigslist or similar websites so other people who are moving can use your boxes.

What are some other uses for heavy-duty dish packs? You can also use these kinds of boxes to protect the glass on furniture. If you break open the glued part and lay the box flat, you can used the box to provide impact protection on glass furniture if you accompany the wrap with a moving blanket and tape or large rubber bands.

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