Moversville Increases Repeat & Referral Business

Many sources of moving leads (Mailers, Pay Per Click, SEO, Facebook, or Buying Leads) all have one thing in common: COMPETITION. Competitive leads mean spending more time chasing down prospects, discounting rates, and struggling to book prospects who are likely contacting other movers looking for the best deal.

Repeat and Referred Customers are mostly Non-Competitive

Repeat and Referred customers:

  • Don’t Usually “Shop Around”
  • Want to specifically use your moving services.
  • Will be more willing to pay full standard rates vs. requesting discounted rates.
  • Cost almost $0 to acquire.
  • Require far less time to book the work.

Many movers spend $1000’s of dollars every month on competitive marketing
and NOTHING on marketing for non-competitive REPEAT & REFERRALS.

Here’s What You Get With Moversville

  • Content rich email marketing system designed to encourage repeat and referral business from previous customers, real estate agents, property managers and other referral contacts.

  • Post-move “Thank You For Your Business” emails w/option to review services increases your online reputation by steering positive reviews to Google+ and Yelp and corrective criticism to internal company email.

  • Responsive email templates that allow your emails to render beautifully on all screens and devices

  • Your ever-growing email list of previous customers increases the effectiveness of your email newsletters month after month.

“We have had some great successes specifically from the email campaigns. Real estate agents have responded directly to the salespeople with referrals that have turned into very nice sized moves. In some instances it’s their first time using us; assuming we do well with the relocation those turn into solid referral partners who give us dozens of leads per year.”
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