A small amount of initial dedication to building your email list can provide years and years of benefit for your moving company. A quality email list and a monthly system for email marketing will result in a deep rooted customer base and a steady increase of repeat and referral business.

Use Microsoft Excel or Similar Spreadsheet Program

Create an excel spreadsheet and collect the email address, first name, last name, and/or company name of each potential recipient.


Who Should Be On Your Moving Company’s Email List?

Previous Customers

The email addresses from previous customers are the easiest email addresses to collect, especially if you use a moving software that you can export all of your past clients. These are people who have used your services and are best positioned to talk about their experience with others who are looking for moving services.

As you connect with your customers via email, collect and store their email address in your spreadsheet. Doing this will significantly increase your list size and email reach. Month after month as your list grows, you will be reaching more and more potential advocates.

Local Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents always need connections to trusted moving companies to refer to their clients, and it only takes ONE to consistently refer and your entire email marketing efforts become worth it.  You can connect with local real estate agents and find their email addresses on Facebook, LinkedIn, and their own websites.

Check out the LinkedIn Networking Method for networking and establishing business relationships properly online.

Property Managers

Have you had to issue a certificate of insurance to an office building’s property manager? If so, make sure you’re putting their email in your list.

Property managers want to have close relationships with trusted moving companies that will keep their building free from damage.

Who Else Should Be On Your Moving Company Email List?

  • Friends & Family Members
  • Office Building Managers
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Senior Living Homes
  • Storage Facilities
  • Other Moving Companies
  • Local Home Owners Associations
  • Home Builders & Renovation Specialists

NEVER Buy An Email List

Purchasing an email list is a big mistake. Lists that are sold usually have been sold multiple times and the recipients get overwhelmed with massive amounts of spammy marketing emails. Sending emails to a purchased list can actually hurt your company.

Happy List Building!

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