Why Use Email Marketing by Moversville?

Benefits Of Using Moversville Email Newsletter Marketing Service

  • Significant increase in repeat and especially referral business
  • Retain customers for life, instead of the one and done approach
  • Grow and nurture a strong, loyal and deep rooted customer base
  • Increase brand awareness and become a top brand name mover within your community
  • Highlight company achievements, such as charity work, donations, VIP moves, etc.
  • Steer positive reviews to Google+ and Yelp . . . Steer corrective criticism to internal company email
  • Increase traffic to your website by way of your newsletter, which is a Google algorithm component – increased traffic from unique IP addresses = better organic rankings in Google
  • Significant return on investment is realized month after month by our mover-subscribers

Moversville vs. Do-It-Yourself Email Newsletter Marketing

Certainly you could tackle the task of email newsletter marketing yourself. Similarly, you could make your own 4-wheel dollies, letter your own trucks, and hand carry your mailers to homes for sale. The point is . . . certain tasks are best outsourced to specialists. Don’t bog yourself down with the “grunt work” needed to implement and maintain a successful and professional email newsletter marketing campaign.

With Moversville you can be certain your newsletter will actually get done each month – like clockwork. Also with Moversville your newsletter will render properly on all devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Moversville is very mindful of using effective subject lines and proper content to reduce the possibility of your newsletter being sent to spam. In addition, and perhaps the biggest challenge for DIY’s, is the gathering and formatting of interesting and engaging fresh content for each month’s newsletter.

Your Branded Email Newsletter – LET’S GET STARTED
“We have had some great successes specifically from the email campaigns. Real estate agents have responded directly to the salespeople with referrals that have turned into very nice sized moves. In some instances it’s their first time using us; assuming we do well with the relocation those turn into solid referral partners who give us dozens of leads per year.”
Ace Relocation Systems, Ace Relocation Systems