Increase Booking Percentage,
Repeat Business,
and Referrals.

Email Marketing Services For Movers

Maximize your repeat & referral business by streamlining your moving company into a proven email marketing system created for you, by Moversville.

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Increase Your Booking Percentage

Connect your CRM with Moversville and we’ll build out your email marketing drip campaign system to encourage new leads to BOOK YOUR MOVING COMPANY and UPSELL your packing services, packing materials, valuation, storage, junk removal, cleaning services and more.

Get More Repeat & Referral Business

The Moversville monthly email marketing system increases REPEAT AND REFERRAL BUSINESS, your MOST PROFITABLE type of leads. By using email to keep your brand name top of mind with your past customers you’ll generate more referrals and begin to grow a community of loyal brand advocates.

Email Marketing: Consider It Done

With over 10 years of email marketing experience specifically in the moving industry, Moversville’s CONSIDER IT DONE approach will give you the PEACE OF MIND knowing your emails will be professionally created, scheduled, and sent on your behalf with little to no work on your part.


Service #1
Email Drip Campaign Series Build

Purpose: To increase your booking percentage by sending a series of helpful moving tips and sales pitch emails to new leads that come into your CRM.

Our Role: Moversville will help you integrate Mailchimp with your CRM and build a series of timely emails (fully branded for your moving company) to send to your new leads to encourage them to book service and upsell your other services such as packing services, packing materials, valuation, storage, junk removal, cleaning services and more.

New Leads

Day: 1 Moving Tip
Day: 2 Moving Checklist
Day: 4 Sales Pitch – Ready To Book Your Move?
Day: 6 Packing Tips
Day: 7 Money Saving Tips
Day: 8 Sales Pitch – Let’s Secure Your Move Date
Day: 11 Moving Tips

Booked Moves:

Day: 2 Packing Services & Packing Supplies Upsell
Day: 3 Moving Day Preparations
Day: 4 Valuation Upsell
Day: 5 Other Upsells Desired

Completed Moves:

Day: 3 Review & Referral Request
Day: 320 Moving Again?
Day: 335 Need Moving Again?
Day: 365 Happy Move Anniversary!

Service #2
Monthly Email Marketing System

Purpose: To maximize your repeat and referral business by sending consistent, high quality, and thoughtful emails to your email list to create long-term brand advocates.

Our Role: Moversville builds monthly emails consisting of plain text style emails and email newsletters with helpful content to help you keep your brand name fresh in the minds of your forever growing email list of past customers, real estate professionals, and other referral partners.

We’re a full-service email newsletter marketing agency built just for moving companies. We create and manage branded email newsletters for movers who want to increase repeat & referral business from previous customers, real estate agents, and more.

  • Consistent Referrals From Real Estate Agents, Business Partners, & Previous Customers

  • Establish Lifelong Customers That Stay Loyal To Your Moving Company

  • Experience The Power Of A Forever Growing Email List

  • Full-Service Content Creation – No DIY Hassle

  • Responsive Mobile Friendly Emails

  • Custom Branded Email Newsletters Designed To Keep Recipients Engaged

Why Moversville Email Newsletter Marketing?

Repeat & referral customers are the easiest to book & most profitable source of business. If you’re not staying connected with your email list of previous customers and referral contacts, you’re missing out on referral opportunities from those who slowly begin to forget about you. Moversville plugs those holes in your business. We keep your brand always on “top of the mind” with your growing list of email contacts, putting your company direct in-line for more repeat & referral business.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

2 College Brothers Moving

“We’ve been doing a newsletter on our own, we had an intern doing it for the last several months and we recently started working with Our very first email newsletter blast with them we got more leads then all of the months in recent memory that I can even remember. This stuff works, they know how to craft a newsletter, they know how to get it to get opened with the subject lines, they know how to provide value for the people that are reading it and that are opening it.”

– Wade Swikle, 2 College Brothers Moving

“We have had some great successes specifically from the email campaigns. Real estate agents have responded directly to the salespeople with referrals that have turned into very nice sized moves. Working with Tim and the Moversville team has been terrific. We have 12 salespeople from 8 different offices that use their service. Tim and the team always find interesting and relevant content for each person every month.”

– Craig Morreale, Ace Relocation Systems