Moversville is an online marketing company and resource for movers, consumers, and those involved in the moving process. Moversville is best known for it’s email marketing services for moving companies. Movers can also get connected with suppliers and consumers can learn how to ease the stress of moving.

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A Background From Our Founder And How Moversville Started

Timothy Callahan

In 1993, as a 4 year old, my father started a moving company. Like many new businesses starting out, times were tough. But no matter what, he was always able to provide us with food and shelter, even if we had to spend a few nights in his box shop.

As a child, having fun didn’t involve expensive items. My brothers and I had access to the most amazing simple pleasures a kid could have. Cardboard boxes!

Almost every day after school, we would play in his box shop, run around on the stacks of boxes and have some of the most epic games of hide and seek ever.

For his business, at that time, getting moving leads was basic. He would pay for Yellowpages ads and send out mailers to new homes for sale.

As I was entering my teenage years, the internet was evolving and so did the way moving companies market and advertise. It was a great opportunity to anybody who was ready for change.

As an early teen, I helped build my dad’s website and optimize it for search engines, optimize it for local searches, grow his yelp & google profiles, grow his social media presence and online reputation.

I’ve personally been involved with at least 20-30 marketing trends that have quickly come and gone as the internet evolved. But there was only one that has always remained dominant – EMAIL MARKETING

Email marketing has been around since the beginning of the internet and still remains strong to this day.

We discussed the best plan for email marketing and came up with some final templates.

I had everything set up correctly to send to his list of about 1000 email addresses of previous customers. I triple checked my work, bit my fingernails, and hit send.

Within the first hour, I was amazed! 3 previous customers called wanting book work. He told me they were the easiest customers to book because there was no competition, they were already set on using his service, and he was able to charge his full rates with no discounts.

At that time, a giant glowing light bulb appeared floating above my head…And so Moversville was born.

Since 2014, Moversville has been continually adding new mover-clients each month. We are currently sending hundreds of thousands of emails every month on behalf of moving companies nationwide.

Our resume includes working with big and small operations and many agents of major van lines.

Moversville Email Marketing Services

Moversville maximizes your repeat & referral business by streamlining your moving company into a proven email marketing system.

“Working with Tim and the Moversville team has been terrific. We have 12 salespeople from 8 different offices that use their service. Real estate agents have responded directly to the salespeople with referrals that have turned into very nice sized moves.” – Craig M.

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