With moving season around the corner, now’s the time to be focusing on your marketing & sales efforts. The efforts you put in now will make a big difference when the seasonal moving surge starts to unfold.

Here are a few areas to review when getting ready for the busy season.

1. Audit Your Website – Act Like A Visitor

Many of your prospects will land on your website as a first touch into your sales funnel. One of the best ways to make sure you’re attracting their business is by acting as if you’re one of those prospects.

Your visitor is considering having a company come in and handle all their life’s possessions. Does your website give the feeling of trust & comfort on first impression? Is your contact info easy to find? Can someone easily fill out a form to request free moving estimate? Does your website render correctly on tablets & mobile devices?

2. Listings & Contact Info

It’s likely you have listings on sites like Yelp, Yp.com, HomeAdvisor etc. Is your contact info consistent across these platforms? If your info is incorrect, not only will you miss out on leads, but search engines like Google won’t be able to verify your business in that location when they crawl these listing sites. Consistent NAPW (Name, Address, Phone, Website) across these listings websites will help you rank higher in local search results.

3. Audit Your Moving Leads

If you’re buying moving leads, it’s time to audit which providers have been working for you and which have not. Ditch the ones you know haven’t been working and consider trying a few new ones.

Additionally, if you’re looking for sources to get moving leads, check out 17 Ways To Generate Moving Leads For Your Moving Company.

4. Audit Your Sales System

If you’re getting quality leads and not booking at least 20-30% of those leads, it’s time to start looking at your sales process and filling those holes.

5. Gather Your Email List & Get Your Email Newsletter Running

A few months before moving season is a great time to get your email list together to start marketing to your happy previous customers and realtor/referral contacts.

Email newsletter marketing is an outbound marketing effort that increases your repeat & referral business from your growing list of satisfied clients & referral connections.

When it’s time to get your newsletter going, consider Moversville. We’re a full-service email newsletter marketing agency built just for moving companies. We create and manage branded email newsletters for movers and streamline them into an already proven email marketing system. Learn More

6. Review & Increase Your Mailers Marketing

For many movers, sending mailers to local homes for sale has been part of their marketing efforts for the entire life of their company. Since moving season is around the corner, consider increasing the amount of times you send your mailers. For movers we work with, we’ve heard that sending 2 mailers to new homes for sale (a week a part) and 2 mailers to new pending homes (a week a part) is the sweet spot.

7. Get Your Moving Crew Involved with Your Marketing

If you haven’t already, now is the time to get your crew involved with your marketing. Your crew can take on the job pictures & videos of your company in action. Pictures & videos increase trust & comfort to your prospects who are visiting your website, Yelp profile, social media profiles, and other areas on the internet.

You can also bring these photos with you on a tablet on visual surveys to show the customer what they can expect on moving day.

8. Hire A Local Videographer

Hiring a videographer to put together sales videos for your moving company is a great investment. Videos can be cut and put together to be put on your website, social media, inserted into your sales process/emails etc.

A one-time investment of this can provide your moving company visual marketing material online for years and years. You can easily find professional videographers in your area on LinkedIn. Hiring a big company may cost extra and they’ll probably do a good job, but you can just as easily find someone in your area that can produce what you’re looking for and will be less expensive.

9. Get Your Sales People On LinkedIn & Connect With Local Realtors, Property Managers etc.

LinkedIn is the internet’s most popular professional social platform. With LinkedIn, you can connect and network with realtors, property managers etc. in your area – More info about LinkedIn Marketing on our LinkedIn Networking Method For Movers article.

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