What worked for your mover-marketing plan yesterday might not work tomorrow.

Marketing methods, platforms, and the way movers acquire leads are quickly changing.

There’s a reason young players (in many industries) are quickly stealing business away from the giants, and it’s because the giants can’t adapt quickly to the change in technology and the way people & brands connect.

Although the act of moving & relocating furniture will likely always require human muscle (still crossing fingers here), the way movers get business and connect with their prospects is changing and evolving faster than ever.

While the Moversville team works closely with moving companies implementing their monthly email newsletters (one of the cornerstones of modern marketing), we are seeing many different trends on how movers are connecting with their prospects and getting more business.

Here is a list of marketing methods to consider for your 2018 mover-marketing approach.

Retargeting Through Google Adwords

Retargeting is one of the most important components to add to your online mover-marketing efforts. Retargeting supplements ALL of your other marketing efforts that drive people to your website.

Retargeting is where when a visitor lands on your website, they are then served your ads when they visit other websites on the internet.

This is key for the moving industry, where one’s relocation process may take several months. Getting these visitors to your website during the early stages of the relocation process is essential.

What is Retargeting? And Why Movers Need It

Facebook Sponsored Posts

Facebook ads are inexpensive right now and should be part of your marketing efforts.

Now, I’m not talking about making a post and “boosting” it. I’m talking about setting up targeted Facebook ads within the Facebook Ads manager.

Through Facebook, you have the ability to target specific audiences. And for movers, you can target people who are moving soon, real estate agents etc…all who live in your specific service locations.

How to Create Effective Facebook Sponsored Ads For Your Moving Company

Content Marketing

People are getting more and more frustrated with pop up ads and other typical forms of direct advertising.

The upcoming generation of millennials and especially generation-z are even more resistant.

The way around this is Content Marketing.

Content Marketing is everywhere and exists in different forms. This article is actually a form of Content Marketing for Moversville.

Content Marketing can be articles, videos, pictures, audio, or other forms of text.

The purpose of Content Marketing is to capture the interest of your target audience using certain content. Whether it be by providing value (like this article) or being entertaining on youtube, it’s all a form of content marketing that eventually lead the viewer to buy a product, use a service, or connect with a brand.

For example, your target audience (people who are moving or just the general population in your service area) might be more interested in watching a video about a strength contest between your strongest movers, or an article on how to save money on their move, rather than a direct advertisement.

Creative Content Marketing puts “eyes on you”, in a type of industry that’s generally perceived to be “boring”.

The equation is simple, Content Marketing + Distribution (emphasis on distribution) = Increased Brand Awareness within your community, which leads to more business.

Content should reside on your website’s blog (where retargeting is implemented) and be distributed on social networks, email marketing, etc…Youtube is a small exception, where you would use Youtube to host your video, then embed the video back onto a blog post – then distribute.

65+ Blog Post Ideas For Your Moving Company

Outstanding Images

Images of your business are one of the most important pieces in all of your marketing efforts. The few hundred dollars hiring a professional photographer and staging photos for your moving company are well worth it because they make a huge impact on your brand perception when conducting any marketing plan.

LinkedIn Networking

LinkedIn is a great channel to find local referral targets (real estate agents etc.) and connect with them to refer your services.

The LinkedIn Networking Method – We show you the exact steps to take on LinkedIn to get more referrals.

Quick Social Media Hack Movers Should Implement For 2018

Give access to your social channels to trusted moving crew members to post (in real time from their smartphones) on the job photos, videos, customers testimonials, and things that happen on the job.

Find a mover who knows the ins and outs and understands the primary goals of your company.

3 Cornerstones of Modern Mover-Marketing

No matter what year it is, these 3 marketing methods have been around for a while and should be part of your marketing plan

Email Newsletter Marketing

Email Marketing has been around since the beginning of the internet and is still 72 percent of consumers prefer email as their #1 source of business communication. (MarketingSherpa Case Study)

As a cornerstone method of online marketing, email marketing increases repeat & referral business – the most profitable type of business for most movers. If you have a moving company software, it’s easy to export the email addresses of previous customers and get started with an email newsletter campaign.

Learn More About Email Newsletter Marketing by Moversville, and what we do for moving companies.

Postcards / Mailers

This was literally my first job for my fathers moving company, peeling & sticking mailing address labels on postcards for those people who’s homes were for sale. That was 15 years ago, and still to this day his company sends out hundreds of postcards cards every week.

The point is, mailers work. About 10% of his business comes directly from his postcards.

There are companies who sell mailing lists or you can do it yourself targeting homes on Zillow, Trulia & similar websites.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no walk in the park. But, if it’s set up properly, being found in search engines can account for most of your business.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about SEO here because I can go on forever. But SEO is necessary for your moving company advertising & marketing plan.

If you want to read more about marketing ideas and a plan for your moving company:

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