Why Blog Posts For Your Moving Company?

Blog posts are used in the moving industry to provide value and demonstrate expertise to prospects & referral targets, all while helping sell your moving services.

The 4 main reasons blog posts benefit movers are:

  1. They serve as a piece of value and reason to connect online with local realtors, prospects, etc. Read about the LinkedIn Networking Method for an implementation strategy.
  2. They demonstrate expertise in your field.
  3. They are used as a first touch into your sales funnel.
  4. They are great for SEO.

Blog posts go great with remarketing (where when someone lands on your website, they’ll be served your ads when browsing around the internet). Read more about how remarketing and blog posts go hand in hand in our Moving Company Marketing Tips Guide.

Links to your blog posts can be used in your social media campaigns, email marketing campaigns, auto-responders, and email correspondences with prospects & current clients.

If you have a lot moving related information for people in email templates or PDFs, consider converting some of them into blog posts, where the customer can refer to the information on your website. People visiting and spending time on your website provides SEO value to your website.

Here is our list of blog post topics you can write:

Pre-Move Tips

  • How To Save The Most Money on Your Move
  • How To Hold A Successful Moving Sale
  • How To Prepare Your Children For A Move
  • [#] Items You Should Toss Before Moving
  • Preparing Your Team For An Office Move
  • A Pre-Move Checklist
  • How We Protect & Prepare Your Home For A Move
  • [#] Questions To Ask Yourself Before Moving
  • How To Prepare Your Refrigerator For Your Move
  • [#] Apps To Help You Sell Things Before Your Move
  • Moving Box Guide – What’s Used For What
  • How To Prepare Your Items For Storage
  • How To Prepare A Floor Plan For The Movers

Packing Tips

  • Packing Supply Checklist
  • [#] Packing & Moving Tricks
  • [#] Cost-Effective Ways To Pack For Your Move
  • Packing Your Kitchen & Fragile Items
  • Tips For Packing Your Shoes
  • Tips For Packing Wine Bottles
  • How To Pack Pictures & Mirrors
  • How To Properly Pack Your Boxes
  • Tips For Packing Electronics
  • [#] Places To Get Free Moving Boxes

Standard Relocation Knowledge

  • Moving Terms Glossary
  • Moving FAQs
  • How Do We Charge For Our Moves
  • Understanding Moving Costs
  • [#] Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Moving
  • What To Look For When Hiring A Moving Company
  • [#] Long Distance Moving Tips to Prepare For Your Move
  • [#] Tips For Moving During Winter
  • The Most Affordable Times To Move
  • Non-Allowable Checklist
  • When Can You Claim Moving Expenses As A Tax Deduction
  • [#] Tips For A More Efficient Move
  • Full Service Moving Company Storage vs. Self Storage
  • What To Expect On Moving Day
  • Understanding Your Moving Quote
  • Eco-Friendly Moving Tips
  • Rights & Responsibilities
  • Understanding The Different Kinds of Moving Estimates
  • When To Use A Moving POD
  • How To Help Seniors Pack For A Move
  • Serious Mistakes When Moving Yourself
  • How Are Long Distance Moves Charged
  • [#] Major Differences Between Local Moving & Long Distance Moving
  • Moving Tips For College Students
  • [#] Questions To Ask When Hiring Movers

Post Move Tips

  • How To Meet Your Neighbors
  • [#] Things You Should Do With Your New Home Before The Movers Arrive
  • [#] Thing You Should Do Right After Moving In
  • [#] Creative Ideas for Leftover Moving Boxes
  • Change Of Address Checklist
  • [#] Safety Must-Have For Every Move
  • First Apartment Checklist

Location Specific

  • Best Ice Cream Spots in [location]
  • Best Restaurants in [location]
  • [#] Things to do in [location]
  • Best Brunch Spots in [location]
  • Safest Neighborhoods in [location]
  • Best Schools in [location]
  • Best Pizza in [location]

Company News

  • Our Contribution To Toys For Tots
  • See us at [this] Community Event
  • [company] Turns [#] Years Old Today
  • Check Out Our Newest Moving Truck
  • Check Out Our New Uniforms
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