What Exactly is Retargeting?

You’ve probably seen this before – you were on a website shopping for something, then for the next couple days you began seeing ads everywhere for what you were previously shopping for. This is retargeting.


Retargeting happens through Google Ads, which display on millions of other people’s websites, and through Facebook Ads, which display within Facebook & Instagram.

By adding certain code to your website (which Google & Facebook give you) and setting up Retargeting campaigns in Google Adwords & Facebook, when somebody lands on your website, a cookie is placed in their browser, and they start seeing your ads on all websites that display Google ads, Facebook, and Instagram.

Why The Moving Business & Retargeting Are a Perfect Match

The relocation process, from selling a home to moving into a new one, can last several months. If you have retargeting set up on your website,  your moving company will remain seen throughout a prospect’s entire process, beginning to end.

If you can get people onto your website who are at the beginning of the relocation process you’ll be advertising to them throughout their process without doing anything.

Retargeting should be set up BEFORE other online marketing campaigns since it supplements your efforts that drive people to your website.

With retargeting, you pay per click, and impressions are free. Here is an example of a 30-day Google Retargeting report from a moving company we recently set this up for:

Google Advertising Retargeting

In this 30-day report, ABC Moving Systems (Los Angeles Moving Company) got over 14,800 impressions and 37 clicks to their website for less than $36.

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