It’s no question when you move, the success relies on having the correct moving supplies or packing supplies matched with being prepared. That’s why we created this extensive moving supplies checklist to bring you the best moving supplies to make your move easy. We have broken the list down into stages of the moving process: Pre-Move, During the Move, and After The Move. If you want to have a successful move, here is our top list of moving materials for packing and moving.


This first section is everything you need before you actually move and all the things you need for moving safely and effectively. It spans everything from repairing your home for the next resident/tenant, packing supplies for the packing process, and additional moving supplies to prepare for your move.

Pre-Move: Repair Supplies Checklist

Patch Kit

Wall Hole Repair Kit

This is perfect for filling the holes in the walls left over from hanging pictures and mirrors. This kit has vinyl spackling, a putty knife, sandpaper, and a 4″ Self-Adhesive Patch.

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Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Stain Treatment

This quick and easy cleaning solution is perfect for getting rid of those ugly carpet stains. Whether you’re a renter or you’ve sold your home, the next resident will want clean carpets!

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Wood Fill Markers

Hardwood Floor Markers

These wood markers are great for hardwood floor scratches AND furniture. Whether you need to fix your flooring or scratched furniture after moving, these markers work!

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Here are a few other items on our moving supplies list you need to ready your home or apartment before moving out. If you are renting, check with your landlord before purchasing any items to be clear on what you are responsible for.

  • Paint & Painting Supplies
  • Lightbulbs
  • Oven Cleaner
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Trash Bags
  • Other items around your home that need to be replaced or repaired.

Whether or not you are hiring a moving company, these tasks are things YOU need to accomplish before moving. While movers will for the most part take care of everything involved with the moving, make sure you’ve done your work to make your home look decent before moving out.

It’s always in my opinion to make your own personal list of everything you need to buy. While we can provide you some great ideas of what you need here, not everyone will need the same items.

Pre-Move: Packing Supplies Checklist

If you are hiring a moving company, some of these items the movers will provide for free and some they will sell to you. It’s always in my opinion best to at least check with your movers to see what they provide and what you need to buy. Some of the items listed below are great for purchasing on sites like Amazon or you can also get them at places like Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Uhaul Stores.

We have listed all the items that are available on Amazon below, but for larger items like moving boxes, you can find them pretty inexpensive at the other stores. But, those stores sometimes will charge a lot for smaller items like tape, packing paper, etc.

Moving Boxes

Assortment Of Boxes

Good boxes are the most important moving supplies you need. This box kit comes with an assortment of sizes for your move. Ask your mover what options they provide also.

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Tapeless Moving Boxes

These tapeless moving boxes are great for local moving where your items will be quickly transported from one location to another. The tapeless moving box makes packing very simple.

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Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe Moving Boxes

These boxes will be used for your hanging clothes, which hold about 2 feet worth. Use these if you have quality clothing, otherwise, you can use trashbags and a regular box.

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Dish Pack Boxes

Heavy Duty Dish Boxes

These boxes have extra thick walls for your fragile items in the kitchen and other breakables. The thick walls provide extra protection if a box is dropped and is recommended

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Packing Paper

Packing Paper

Packing paper is what you use to protect all your fragile items before you place them into your boxes. It’s important to use plenty of paper protection for your fragile items.

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Moving Tape

Moving Tape

You’ll need a good amount of tape to make sure all your boxes are taped shut and secure. This the best option we found online for quality moving tape for your move.

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Flat Screen TV Cover

Foam Flat Screen TV Cover

This Flat Screen TV Cover is ideal for protecting your television from dust, dirt, and debris during moving, storing, or a home renovation.

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Moving Tape Dispenser

Tape Dispenser

Tape dispensers are great if you want to quickly tape up your boxes without having to mess with scissors or biting the tape. Not 100% needed but makes the packing process easier.

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Mattress Bags

Mattress Bags

In order to protect your mattress from getting dirty in the moving truck, you must use a mattress bag. If hiring a moving company, many movers will provide them, but usually not for free.

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Here are a few other smaller items you’ll need before you start to pack up your home. You may already have some of these items laying around, if so, great, wrangle them up and start packing.

  • Scissors or Razor Blade – This will be used for opening up box bundles and cutting tape before and after packing.
  • Large Trash Bags – Large trash bags are essential for items you want to donate or throw away. You can also use them to pack and protect your hanging clothes.
  • Plastic Baggies – Plastic baggies are needed for all of your small loose random items.
  • Markers – Markers are used to label the boxes when packing so you know the contents and the room it goes in.
  • Towels & Linens – Towels and linens are used as an eco-friendly way to wrap and protect glass or fragile items so you don’t have to use so much paper or bubble wrap.
  • Labels – Labels are used to stick onto the boxes for a quick way to label the boxes.
  • Plastic Bins – Plastic bins are great if you have them already. Some movers rent them out on moving day to help you pack.
  • Gloves To Protect Hands When Moving – If you are moving without a moving company, gloves are great to use to protect your hand and give you grip when carrying boxes.
Moving Supplies Checklist

5 Rules For Packing Your Items

Aside from just acquiring the right packing supplies, we want to share some important rules for packing. For a successful and stress-free move, it’s vital to follow these general rules for packing and moving your home.

  • Allow yourself enough time –  The biggest mistake people make when moving is doing all the packing last minute which causes a lot of stress. Make sure you acquire your packing materials as soon as possible and start to pack items you don’t use on a daily basis first.
  • Don’t create boxes that are too heavy to lift – Heavy items should go into small boxes and light items go into large boxes. If you create a box that is too heavy, you or the movers will have trouble lifting it and it could easily break during transit.
  • Create a packing station – The best place to create your packing station is either your dining room table or your kitchen island. Having a station will allow you to pack your items quickly and efficiently.
  • Use plenty of packing paper on your fragile items – When packing your fragile items in to boxes, be sure to line the box with packing paper on the bottom, then place each item individually wrapped next, then another layer of packing paper on top to secure everything in place to keep the contents from moving around in the box. Everything should be snug in place.
  • Use quality boxes that are similar in size – It’s best to use boxes that can easily be stacked and put onto a dolly and rolled onto a moving truck. It may be cheaper to find used free boxes at a department store, but it will make it much harder when it comes to moving.

During The Move: Moving Supplies Checklist

If you are hiring a moving company, most movers will provide all of the moving supplies needed to actually protect your furniture and safely transport your items.

If you are moving yourself and renting a truck from Uhaul or other moving truck rental service, you’ll likely need these items below which may be provided to you for rental from the moving truck rental service:

  • Furniture Blankets
  • Two-Wheeled Dollies
  • Four-Wheeled Dollies
  • Stretch Wrap
  • Rope & Tie Downs
  • Strong Helpers

5 Rules For Moving Day

If you are hiring a moving company, it’s important you prepare for the movers. Here are 5 rules for moving day that will help you be prepared and even save you money on your move.

  • Keep track of all your valuables – Don’t let the movers move any valuables like jewelry, cash, or expensive electronics. It’s not uncommon for small items to get misplaces with all the chaos going on during moving day, so make sure you pack and move these items yourself so you always have a good track of them.
  • Be there for the movers – It’s best to be at your home or apartment on moving day to help answer any questions movers may have when moving your items. You’re not expected to tell the movers how to do their job, but it’s very important to be there on move day.
  • Clear pathways outdoors & indoorsBe sure there is nothing in the way of the outside pathways, inside pathways, and staircases. Anything that isn’t already packed into boxes, get them packed and ready for transport.
  • Take pictures of the current conditions of your furniture & home – The easiest way to take note of the current condition of your home furniture is by snapping a few photos with your phone of the items before the movers show up. That way, if anything breaks, you’ll know who may me responsible.
  • Have a plan for the kids and petsHaving kids and your pets in the way on move day not only will slow the movers down costing you more money, it also dangerous for them and the movers. If you have kids, hire a sitter or family member to take them somewhere else. If you have pets, make sure they’re put away in a designated room or bring them to a friend’s or family members.

These are just a few of your responsibilities on moving day. If you want to learn more, we have a more in-depth article on 15 Consumer Responsibilities on Moving Day.

Post Move: Tasks Checklist

People usually spend the most amount of money on items for their home within the first 6 months after they move. But, since everyone will need different items, we put together a list of tasks to accomplish rather than things to buy. If you still need an idea of things to buy, head over to this checklist of 100+ Must-Haves For A New Home or Apartment.

Here is a large list of things to do after you move.

  • Change Your Locks
  • Get Your Utilities Set Up
  • Inspect Your Boxes & Furniture
  • Plug-In Your Refrigerator & Appliances
  • Unpack Essentials First
  • Get Organized
  • Learn Your Home
  • Childproof Your Home
  • Get Your Pets Acclimated
  • Go Grocery Shopping
  • Unpack and Organize Everything
  • Recycle Packing Materials
  • Update Your Address
  • Transfer Medical Records
  • Find New Health Care Providers
  • Create A Budget
  • Decorate & Organize Your Home
  • Install A Home Security System
  • Explore Your Neighborhood
  • Meet The Neighbors
  • Register Your Children In School
  • Map Out The Best Routes To Work & School
  • Tell Your Friends About Your Move
  • Have A Housewarming Party

Where To Get Inexpensive Moving & Packing Supplies

While the easiest place to get packing supplies is on Amazon or stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Uhaul stores, if you’re on a budget there are other places you can get affordable supplies if you’re willing to do the work to get them. Here are a few places to get these moving & packing supplies.

Craigslist / Offer Up – Craigslist or other similar sites or apps are some of the best places to get free boxes and other packing supplies. If you check listings in your area every single day early enough before you move, you should be able to collect boxes and other supplies bit by bit until you have enough. Make sure you check out the pictures in the posts to see if the boxes are good enough quality for your move. Sometimes you’ll be able to get boxes that have only been used once and are in practically new condition.

Facebook Marketplace – Facebook Marketplace is another great place where people are posting their free used boxes and packing supplies. For the most part, people want to get rid of their supplies after their move, and are willing to give them all away for free. Facebook makes is very easy for people to buy and sell items nearby. Whether you’re looking for used boxes and packing materials, or trying to get rid of your used boxes and packing materials, Facebook Marketplace is a great place to see what other people have to offer in your area.

Ask Your Moving Company – Sometimes moving companies will give you or let you use their used boxes in exchange for your business. Always ask your moving company what they can offer you in terms of packing supplies. Sometimes movers will let you rent boxes, some have plastic rentable bins to use, some will let you use wardrobes for free on moving day, and some will sell you other supplies for cheaper than you can buy in stores of online. Always ask.

Walmart – Walmart also offers moving boxes. Although just a bit more expensive than the other department stores, what is good about these boxes is that some of them have built-in handles. This makes them much easier to carry than those from the other stores. Walmart also offers

Furniture Stores, Electronic Stores, Department Stores
These kinds of stores usually have tons of cardboard boxes they recycle every day. If you go in and ask the manager if you can have some of their used cardboard boxes for their move, they will likely let you take some. But of course, using boxes of different sizes may be more difficult when moving. Whatever you to, just don’t go to grocery stores to do this. Boxes from grocery stores often are soiled in food and not suitable for moving.

Moving doesn’t have to be difficult. If you plan ahead and have the right moving & packing supplies it can be a whole lot easier. We hope this list helps!