When it’s time to move, what’s your first step? If you’re anything like me, you probably head to Google to run a search for the best local movers in your area, right? The results that Google give can be very overwhelming and super long. So how do you possibly sort through them all and figure out which company is best for you? I have just the tips and tricks you need to know about what to look for and how to make the right choice. Check them out below!

Where do they rank on Google?

Ranking refers to where a website shows up in a Google search. The closer a site is to the top of the first page, the better that site ranks. Why does this matter? Because you should want a company that cares about building their business and getting noticed. It means they’ve taken the time and care to design their website, images, content and etc. in a way that Google likes and in a way that gives you all the information you need. Meaning, they’ll more likely than not take the time and care when it comes to helping you.


When you search for a moving company nearby, the results are based primarily on relevance, distance, and prominence, helping find the best match for your search. You wouldn’t want to click on a website only to find out they’re across the country, would you? When a company adds complete and detailed business information, it can help Google better understand their business and make sure their website is listed for your area.

Relevant information that Google looks for when ranking a website are things like:

  • A Company’s Address
  • A Company’s Phone Number
  • The Different Area’s The Serve
  • And More!

This ensures that only the moving companies in your local area are being displayed in your search and you won’t waste time sorting through ones that can’t help you.

Check out their website

The first impression you have of a company is their website. Clicking on a dated site with low-quality photos, content with spelling and grammatical errors, unclear navigation channels or no direct way to contact them are just some of the factors that can make or break that first impression. A moving company site should be updated and full of information relevant to you!

Since it’s easy to forget certain things when planning a move, make sure to check off the items listed below when sorting through different websites. Any quality moving company should have the following information listed on their site:

  • Clear address and phone number
  • Indicated areas in which they serve
  • What types of moves they specialize in (apartment, home, commercial, long distance)
  • If they are trained with moving specialty items like pianos and antiques
  • Whether or not they have moving insurance
  • What their prices are and if mileage is included in the quote
  • Whether or not you can get a free quote
  • How long they have been in business
  • Are they a local company or national corporation?
  • And More!

Since their phone number should be clearly listed, don’t hesitate to call with any and all questions you may have! That will also help you get a feel for their customer service which brings me to my next point…

What’s their customer service like?

Ever been to a restaurant where the service was terrible? Maybe the staff was rude and short with you. Or maybe they made you feel like you were an inconvenience which stopped you from asking for what you needed and left you feeling uneasy. If that was the case, you probably wouldn’t go back there again. The same goes for a moving company. Customers love dealing with trustworthy local businesses.

Call them up to ask questions to get a feel for how they treat potential customers. Do they answer with a friendly greeting? Do they direct you to the right person? Are they patient or does it just feel like they want to get you off the phone? Are they willing to answer all of your questions?

These are just some of the things you should consider when speaking with them because how they treat you during that initial call is how they’re going to treat you during your move. And you definitely don’t want to be left feeling uncomfortable during an already stressful time in your life.

Check out their reviews and social media presence

More than 80% of customers admit to reading reviews before making a decision. People like you that are looking for a moving company are no different. You want to know what others are saying about different companies. Can they be trusted? Did they show up on time? Did they help other customers pack? Did they handle antiques with care? Was their team friendly? How are their prices?


But don’t stop at just reading reviews. Check to see if the company actually takes the time to reply to any of them too. When a company responds to reviews, it shows that they value their customers and their feedback. Whether it’s a negative or positive review, a company that responds is a company that takes the time and care. This in turn builds a level of trust between the consumer and the brand – which is one of the most, if not the most important factor when hiring a moving company to care for your items!

After you’ve read the reviews, head on over to Facebook to see if they have a page set up. If they do, that’s a bonus for you! Check to see if they post regularly and what they post about. Most of the time, you can score some pretty awesome moving tips that you didn’t already know before. Also check to see if others are engaging with their posts and leaving comments. This will tell you whether or not they’ve built a loyal following in the local area.

Extra tip: The best places to find reviews are Google, Facebook and Yelp.

Having moved about eight times in my life across cities, states and even the country, I have done my fair share of research on moving companies. It’s definitely never fun but it is so worth it. When it comes to moving day, the last thing you want is to be stressed and unsure about the company you hired. Take the time to follow the tips I shared and you will undoubtedly find a moving company that is best for you.

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