Moving is already a difficult task and the one thing that will surely make it worse is being caught up in a moving scam.

You always want to make a careful and informed decision when hiring a moving company. So, in this article we’ve provided you with some tips for avoiding and identifying a possible moving scam.

We’ve also included some helpful tips for when hiring movers to ensure your experience is the best it can possibly be.

So, what should make you second-guess a moving company?

1. They’re Not Licensed

In most states, moving companies need to have a specific moving license to perform local residential moving services. Movers who provide moving services across state lines need to have a USDOT license.

2. They Don’t Have A Website

If a moving company doesn’t have a website, it’s likely they’re either very new or they may be trying to hide from the public. There should be plenty of moving companies to choose from nowadays who have a website and an established reputation in your community.

3. They Ask For A Sizable Deposit

Typically, residential local movers will either not ask for a deposit at all or just a very small one ($100 or less) on their move. In many states, it’s actually illegal to ask for a deposit on a move. And if you are moving across state lines, movers should NOT be asking for a deposit.

Reasons a moving company may ask for a deposit:

  • If you are conducting a very large, multi-day office move or another very large multi-day move that may take up a lot of the mover’s resources like trucks, moving days, and personnel, a moving company might ask for a deposit or a small down payment.
  • The moving company is not an actual moving company, but instead a moving broker. A moving broker will book your move under one name, then sell your job to another moving company to perform the move. Watch out for this. The sole purpose of a moving broker is to get you to pay the upfront cost. Brokers have no say or care on how the actual move goes. Moving brokers are typically a big red flag when it comes to the possibility of getting scammed.

4. They Have A Questionably Lower Moving Estimate

When receiving your moving estimate, some will be slightly less expensive and some more, but for the most part, they will all fall somewhat close to one another. When one estimate is unusually low, it’s likely they haven’t included all the services you need. Sometimes companies will purposefully underbid your move so you would book their service, then add on hidden fees you weren’t aware of afterward.

5. Their Moving Estimate is Not Detailed

When you have a moving company that provides an estimate that is not very detailed, again, it’s possible they are trying to underbid your move so you would book their service, then add on hidden fees you weren’t aware of afterward.

6. They Go By Multiple Names

Sometimes moving companies will have different alias names or be vague on their name. If it’s somewhat hard to understand who they are, be aware and think twice about booking with them.

7. They Have Bad Reviews

Bad reviews may simply just mean they are not proving great services. But, sometimes the reviews are bad because they have been scamming customers. Always make sure to read and check the reviews of the moving companies you are hiring.

8. They Have A Bad BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau is a place where people can complain if they have hired a moving company who has scammed them or have provided poor moving services. If a company doesn’t have a BBB profile, it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, but those who do and have a bad rating, be aware. You can simiply find a companies rating by Google searching their name + “BBB rating”. Always make sure when looking at reviews or ratings that is actually the same company you  are considering hiring.

Quick Tips For Hiring Movers

Here are a few quick tips for hiring your next moving company.

  • They Must Be Licensed
  • Check Reviews & Reputation
  • Look For Attention To Detai
  • Ask Questions
  • Make Sure They Have The Services You Need
  • Compare Your Moving Estimates

Choosing the right moving company is an important part of the moving process.

Always do your due diligence and book them as soon as you can in order to save your moving date. The last thing you’ll want is to have to settle with another company because the one you want is unavailable.

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