Wondering how much it might cost for you to hire professional movers to move your one-bedroom apartment? We have interviewed a few movers and have brought you some average cost ranges you may expect when moving your one-bedroom apartment.

How much does it cost to move a one-bedroom apartment?

For a one-bedroom local move (under 100 miles), professional movers will charge by the hour and cost anywhere from $400-$1600. For a one-bedroom long-distance move (100 miles+), professional movers will charge by the weight and mileage and cost anywhere from $2,100-$5,900.

To get a better idea of your particular move, use the chart below to get a closer idea of what your one-bedroom apartment move might cost.

One-Bedroom Apartment Local Moving Cost

We spoke with a local moving company in the Los Angeles area and they were kind enough to share with us their experience on what typical one-bedroom apartments cost on average to move based on certain factors.

Analysis From A Professional Local Moving Company in Southern California

The chart below is an analysis of the cost of a one-bedroom local move. Costs are based on how much items someone may have, how difficult the access, and if they need carton packing services along with the move.

Apartment Density Easy Access Moderate Access Difficult Access
Sparse $400-$450 $450-$500 $500-$550
Moderate $500-$700 $600-$800 $700-$900
Jam-Packed $800-$1000 $900-$1100 $1100-$1300
Sparse (w/carton packing) $600-$650 $650-$700 $700-$750
Moderate (w/carton packing) $800-$1000 $900-$1100 $1000-$1200
Jam-Packed (w/carton packing) $1200-$1400 $1400-$1500 $1500-$1600

(Data range put together in combination with Scott Callahan, Move Estimator at ABC Moving Systems)

Remember, these prices are general ranges for this specific moving company and each person’s unique circumstance is different.

The factors below will affect the cost of your move and whether your actual move cost will be higher or lower in these ranges.

  • The amount of stuff you have
  • The access from the front door to the moving truck at both locations
  • The distance you are moving
  • How prepared you are for the movers
  • Whether or not you need packing services
  • Which moving company you hired
  • The time of the week, month, or year you need to move

When you call a moving company for a one-bedroom apartment, they will either give you a moving quote over the phone or come in and survey your apartment. Only then will you get a more detailed cost of your move.

One-Bedroom Apartment Long Distance Moving Cost

Analysis From A Professional Moving Company in Massachusetts

The chart below is an analysis of the cost of a one-bedroom long-distance move. Costs are based on how far someone may have to move and if they need carton packing services along with the move.

 One-Bedroom Apt. (3,400lbs) Moving 500 Miles Moving 1000 Miles Moving 3000 Miles
Moving Only $2,100-$2,600 $2,300-$2,800 $4,000-$4,700
Moving + Valuation Insurance $2,400-$2,900 $2,600-$3,100 $5,000-$5,700
Moving + Full Carton Packing $3,100-$3,600 $3,300-$3,800 $4,300-$5,000
Moving + Val. Ins. + Full Carton Packing $3,400-$3,800 $3,600-$4000 $5,300-$5,900

(Data range put together in combination with Bill Bailot, Move Estimator at Gallo Moving & Storage)

Again, this is a just range, and your exact move cost will be determined upon certain factors. For a long-distance move,  it’s recommended to get a few actual quotes from professional long distance movers in your area.

Cost Of Moving Yourself For A One-Bedroom Apartment

Couple Moving Holding Boxes

One-bedroom apartments are small enough to where moving yourself could be a very viable option. Here are the average costs of renting a moving truck and moving yourself:

According to the Uhaul website, A 10’ Uhaul moving truck fit to move a one-bedroom apartment starts at $19.95 for in-town moves plus an additional $0.89 per mile used.

These prices are approximate and there are a few additional fees as well, so check out this page on Uhaul to get your exact local rates and fees.

Cost Saving Tips For Moving A One Bedroom Apartment

US Dollar Cash Money

There are a bunch of things you can do to save on your one-bedroom apartment move. Depending on these factors, the price of your move can be on the lower side of the range or the higher side. Below we’ve given you a few tips on each of these areas so you can save as much money as possible when moving your one-bedroom apartment.

1. The Less You Have The Less It Will Cost

When moving your one-bedroom apartment, consider whether the stuff you have is worth moving or buying new/used again at the new location.

Generally, the more stuff you have, the more it will cost. Most movers do, however, have minimums. Movers may have something like a 3-hour $300 minimum for 2 movers or sometimes it will be a 4-hour $400 minimum for two movers.

Check out this article on:  7 Ways To Get Rid of Old Furniture Before Moving.

2. The Access From Front Door To Moving Truck

Ground floor one-bedroom apartments with a short distance to the moving truck will be much less expensive than apartments with a few flights of stairs or an elevator. When considering the cost of hiring a moving company, understand the access at both of your locations.

You also need to factor in the access at the destination as well.

Moving companies will already factor these scenarios in the cost. However, always make sure you ask if there are additional charges. Some moving companies charge stair fees, some do not.

3. The Distance You Are Moving

How far you are moving will also determine the cost of your one-bedroom apartment move. The shorter you are moving the lower it will cost. Local movers will charge by the hour and the time it takes to drive from one location to the next will affect the cost of the total bill.

4. How Prepared are You?

Local moving companies charge by the hour and long-distance (out-of-state) moving companies charge by the weight of your items.

Start by getting rid of as much stuff as you can. If you’re moving long-distance, consider the cost of moving the items vs buying new at the new location.

We have a great article here on How To Prepare For Movers

5. Do You Need Packing Services?

If you aren’t packing yourself and you need the movers to pack your items, it will take more time and cost more. Some movers charge less for packing services and some charge their standard rate for 2 people.

6. Have You Factored The Cost Of Packing Materials?

The cost range above does not factor in the cost of packing materials. You can check out this last post on how many boxes needed to move a one-bedroom apartment to get an idea of how much boxes and packing materials you need. But, from our assessment, it should cost you an additional $100-$150 in packing materials (if you decide to buy new) to move a one-bedroom apartment.

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7. Which Moving Company Have You Hired?

Not all movers charge the same. Additionally, not all movers are professional and can get the job done.

When choosing a moving company, don’t always think that if their hourly rate is lower than the cost will be lower. No matter what a mover quotes your one-bedroom apartment to be, ultimately you will be paying based on the hourly rate. Unless you’ve hired a mover that charges a flat rate.

The best way to determine whether a mover is good at coming close to their quoted cost is by reading the reviews. And actually read what people are saying in regards to this topic. If you have a lot of reviews saying that the movers were slow, or did a lot of standing around, no matter what they quote you, the price at the end may be more expensive.

For a one-bedroom apartment, it may be wise to go with a mover that has a flat rate. Movers who have the option for a flat rate may be good on smaller moves like this because it ensures your end cost no matter what.

If no movers provide flat rates or you feel the flat rate is too high compared to other movers quotes based on what you have then you can always go with another mover. As long as you’re reading reviews on how good the moving crews are, you should be safe.

8. When Are You Moving?

The most expensive times to move are during the summer, end of months, and weekends. This is because movers are most busy during those times.

Most movers don’t actually change their pricing day by day (summer rates may change, however), but you may be able to negotiate a better rate or lower minimum if you decide to move during off-peak times.

Here is more Detailed Tips For Saving Money On A Move.

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