This upcoming moving season, May-August, is anticipated to be one of the busiest moving seasons on record. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of thousands of people will be making changes in their lives, resulting in a move to another residence.

Moving is not easy, and moving during the busy season requires certain specific moving preparations in order to make sure everything goes smoothly.

In this article, we are going to explain some of the most important things you can do to make sure if your move is a success.

1. Have A Set Moving Date…Or Be Flexible

Because movers will be busy, scheduling may be one of the most difficult or confusing parts of the move. Since some movers will not be available on the exact day you need them, here are a few things you can do to assure you book with your moving company of choice:

  • If you’re a renter: Contact the movers as early as you can and be as flexible as you can with your move date. Even if your lease isn’t up until a certain day, having the ability to move a few days early can help assure you book with the moving company you want. Make sure you call your moving company early and lock in a date that works for both of you.
  • If you are a homeowner: Contact your moving company as soon as you know when your home will close escrow. Be very strict with your realtor to make sure that you can close escrow on the exact date you need it to.
  • Move midweek if you can. Since most people can only move during the weekends, the demand for movers during these times is high. Movers will be more likely to service your move if you can move midweek.

2. Hire Your Moving Company Early

The earlier you contact your moving company the higher the chance they’ll be available for your desired move date. Moving companies book up very fast during the summer season and the busiest times of the month are weekends and the last week of the month.

3. Confirm With Your Moving Company 5-10 Days in Advance

Always confirm with your movers 5-10 days in advance in order to avoid any mixup. Maybe you thought you officially booked but you didn’t. Or maybe the movers were so busy that day, a mistake happened with the scheduling. Always make sure to give your movers a quick call before the move date, just to make sure everything is on schedule.

4. Stay Updated With Your Moving Company

It’s super important to make sure that the moving company knows about everything that you are moving and nothing has been missed. Also, if anything changes, like you need them to take stuff to the dump or there has to be an additional stop, make sure you update your movers about any changes. Since it is a busy time of the season, your movers might have booked another job right after yours (if yours is a small job) and they’ll need to know if your move is going to take much longer than expected.

5. Be Efficient With Disseminating Information

Before hiring your moving company, it’s important to have a list of everything that you’ll be moving. If you have a list written up in a word doc or notepad or something that can easily be sent to a moving company, this is best. The quicker and easier you can convey to the moving company everything that has to be moved, the better. That way, if for whatever reason, last minute, your move date has to change and you have to hire a different moving company because they’re not available on that day, you can quickly contact other movers and set up a new date.

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