This question is very common question for those moving, especially those who are moving for the first time. For most of us, money is usually a big factor for making sure you get the right amount of boxes or packing materials. If you get too many boxes, you’ll overspend, but if you get too little, you’ll be making many trips to the store.

How many boxes are needed to move a one-bedroom apartment? For a one-bedroom apartment, you will need anywhere from 10-15 small boxes, 3-5 medium boxes, 2-3 large boxes, 2-3 wardrobe boxes (they hold about 2 feet of hanging clothes), and 3-5 medium heavy duty dish pack boxes (for fragile items and kitchen items).

This box kit from Amazon should be enough boxes of each type for your one-bedroom apartment move. Here is where you can get enough Wardrobe Boxes. And here is where you can get other needed packing supplies:

Depending on how much stuff you really have will determine whether you’ll be on the lower side of these ranges or on the higher side of the ranges. Keep reading below to determine the number of boxes of each size you may need for your apartment.

Apartment Density Small/Medium Boxes Medium/Large Boxes Large/XL Boxes Dish Pack Boxes Wardrobe Boxes
Sparse 5-10 3 2 2-3 1-2
Moderate 13 4 3 4 3
Jam Packed 15 5 3 5 3

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How To Choose Exactly How Many Of Each Size Box To Get?

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Choosing exactly how many of each size box for your one-bedroom apartment is pretty simple.

Keep this in mind: Heavy items go into small boxes, and light items go into large boxes. This is to make sure no one box is too heavy to lift or move.

Go around your apartment and make a quick assessment of your items. If you have a lot of heavier items or items like books, DVD’s, canned goods, small picture frames, trinkets, electronics, bathroom items, etc. you’ll need more smaller boxes.

If you have a lot of lighter items like pillows, comforters, fake plants, etc. you’ll need to get more large boxes.

Medium boxes are usually used for medium-sized or weighted items and last-minute items you haven’t packed yet. By the end of your packing you’ll likely have a lot of items that don’t necessarily go into any particular box, so tossing them into medium-sized boxes is best.

Where To Get Boxes For My One-Bedroom Apartment Move

The best places to get boxes for your one-bedroom apartment move is from stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s. They are pretty inexpensive and you can return unused boxes. You can also get used boxes from Craigslist. Check out this article on 13 Places To Get Cheap Or Free Moving Boxes & Supplies

What Other Packing Materials Do I Need For My One Bedroom Apartment?

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For a one-bedroom apartment, aside from boxes, here is a list of other packing materials you’ll need to make sure you have enough to pack and move your space.

  • 3-6 Rolls of Packing Tape
  • 1 Tape Gun (Optional)
  • 10-15 lbs of packing paper
  • 1 Marker
  • 1 Cutting Tool (Razor Blade)
  • 1 Mattress Bag

Should I Hire Movers For My One Bedroom Apartment or DIY It?

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One-bedroom apartments are pretty simple to move yourself if you’re able to maneuver stairs and lift some heavy furniture. Check out this DIY guide to moving yourself if you decide that to be your best option of moving.

However, if you don’t know how to use a dolly, or you can lift any heavy items, and you don’t have any willing friends to help, hiring movers is best.

Just because you hire movers doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to pay a lot. If you prepare for movers using these tips, you’ll be able to cut down on the number of hours you need the movers, leading to lower costs.

One-bedroom apartments will likely fall in the minimums for movers which is usually anywhere from $400-$1200 depending on your unique situation with your apartment. Your move will cost more if:

  • You have a lot to move
  • You haven’t prepared for the movers
  • There are long carries and/or stairs
  • You live in a high rise and need to use the elevator

Ultimately, if you’re moving within the state, movers will likely charge by the hour. The more stuff you have, the longer it’s going to take, and the more money it will cost.

Also, check out these helpful money-saving tips for moving that could really help you when moving your one-bedroom apartment.

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