If your move is soon and you’ve hired a professional moving company, there are still a few things you need to do to make sure your move goes as smooth as possible.

Although the movers will handle the actual moving of furniture and boxes here are some of your responsibilities and typical things you may want to do on moving day.

  1. Pack up and move valuables yourself
  2. Place any items not intended for transport in a separate area
  3. Be present on moving day
  4. Declutter indoor pathways and staircases
  5. Clear outdoor walkways and driveway of snow, ice mud, and debris
  6. Secure parking for the moving truck
  7. Defrost refrigerator (if you haven’t already, at least 24 hours before)
  8. Disconnect washers, dryers, icemakers, and electronics
  9. Turn off sprinklers
  10. Take pictures of the current condition of home and furniture
  11. Pack an essentials bag
  12. Have a plan for kids and pets on moving day
  13. Keep a broom, vacuum, and cleaning supplies at the origin location
  14. Direct the movers at the destination
  15. Consider preparing an ice chest for yourself and the moving crew

Consumer Responsibilities and Tasks For Moving Day

Here are a few tasks you should take care of on moving day. Also, here are some more great tips on how to have a successful move.

1. Pack Up and Move Valuables Yourself

The most important thing to do on moving day before the movers show up (if you haven’t already) is to pack up and keep track of all your valuables.

Not that movers will take your valuables, but things do get lost or put into random boxes last minute and become misplaced. The last thing you want to do is to blame somebody for stealing something or misplacing a valuable or priceless items that you could have prevented from happening.

Before the movers show up, in fact before anybody (service people, home inspectors, prospective buyers, etc.) comes into your home, make sure you’ve gathered up all your valuables and keep a close track on them during the ENTIRE move process.

2. Place Any Items Not Intended For Transport In A Separate Area

If there are items that you won’t be moving to the new location, designate an area for them and tell the movers that those items won’t be moved.

If it’s large furniture that you can’t move to a designated area, be sure to secure a note on the furniture that it’s not to be moved, and tell the movers.

3. Be Present On Move Day

It’s best to be at your home or apartment on moving day to help answer any questions movers may have when moving your items.

You’re not required tell the movers how to do their job, but it’s very important to be there on move day. You might also want to do a quick walk through of your home beforehand and tell your movers about certain things in your home.

Let’s say you have an extremely valuable piece of furniture or something that means a lot to you, just let them know beforehand and they’ll make sure to take extra special care when protecting and loading that item.

4. Declutter Indoor Pathways & Staircases

When movers arrive, they will protect your floors and staircases with floor runners which will serve as the main pathway for furniture to be rolled out to the moving truck.

Be sure there is nothing in the way of these pathways and staircases. Anything that isn’t already packed into boxes, get them packed and ready for transport.

5. Clear Outdoor Walkways & Driveways Of Snow, Ice, Mud Etc.

If you live in an area where it snows or it’s very cold, be sure that on move day, the pathways are clear and the movers can safely move furniture from your home to the moving truck.

6. Secure Parking For The Moving Truck

Make sure that there will be a place for the moving truck to park on move day.

If you live in an apartment, make sure that you know where the moving truck will be parked. If you have to get up early to reserve some guest spaces or whatever you have to do, be sure you have that plan for the moving truck.

7. Defrost Your Refrigerator (if you haven’t already)

If you’re moving your refrigerator, you should have everything out of it and disconnected 24 hours before the movers show up.

When defrosting your freezer, place some towels on the ground to soak up any melted liquid.

Always be sure you clean the inside of your refrigerator beforehand as well.

8. Disconnect Washers, Dryers, Icemakers, & Electronics

In most situations, unless your movers have already accepted this as their responsibility, it’s your responsibility to disconnect and reconnect any washers and dryers on move day.

Also be sure to disconnect your television and it’s components, stereo equipment and anything else that will need to be disconnected.

Quick tip: take a picture on your phone of these components beforehand so you know how to reconnect at your new place.

9. Turn Off Sprinklers

This one is probably most forgotten on move day. Make sure your sprinklers are off so your pathways, furniture, and movers done get soaked on move day.

10. Take Pictures of the Current Condition of Home and Furniture

The easiest way to take note of the current condition of your furniture is by snapping a few photos with your phone of the items before the movers show up. This will save a big headache if there’s any discrepancy to whether the movers broke of scratched something or it it was already there.

11. Pack An Essentials Bag

Make sure to create an essentials bag and keep it in your car so it doesn’t get accidentally loaded onto the moving truck. This is basically a duffle bag that has anything you know you’ll need on moving day and the day after.

Include things like phone chargers, plane tickets, important documents, toiletries, medications, and a couple extra sets of clothes.

12. Have A Plan For Kids and Pets

Having kids and your pets in the way on move day not only will slow the movers down costing you more money, it also dangerous for them and the movers. If you have kids, hire a sitter or family member to take them somewhere else. If you have pets, make sure they’re put away in a designated room or bring them to a friend’s or family members.

13. Keep A Broom, Vacuum, & Some Cleaning Supplies Behind

After all your furniture is moved, you’ll likely want to do a bit of sweeping and vacuuming of dirt and debris before you completely leave.

Be sure to leave behind a broom, dustpan, vacuum and some basic cleaning supplies to do one last basic clean before you vacate for good.

14. Direct The Movers At The Destination

Movers will be asking you where certain pieces of furniture go on moving day. It’s important to be present to let them know where each piece of furniture goes in the new home.

Helping direct the movers of what you want in a concise manner will help save time on the move and ultimately save you money on moving day.

15. Consider Preparing A Small Ice Chest For Movers

Although not required and many movers will bring their own drinks etc. You may want to have a small ice chest for drinks for yourself, movers, or anyone else that will be there on moving day. Remember, your refrigerator will be disconnected so this will come in handy.

You can also get more information on consumer rights and responsibilities here and additional moving tips on this move-day topic here.

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