If you’re in need of dish pack boxes to pack and move your fragile items, you’re on the right track to a successful, safe move.

There are several places you can get dish pack boxes. Whether you need cheap dish pack boxes or just need the most convenient dish packs, here are the best places to buy dish pack boxes.

How many dish pack boxes will you need?

For a small kitchen, you’ll need about 2-4 medium-sized heavy-duty dish pack boxes. For a medium kitchen, you’ll need about 4-6 medium-sized heavy-duty dish packs, and for a large kitchen, you’ll need about 6-10 medium-sized heavy-duty dish pack boxes.

However, it really all depends on how many fragile items you have. Some people’s kitchens don’t have much glass or fragile items, and some people all they have are glass and fragile items.

Remember too, dish pack boxes aren’t only used for fragile kitchen items. They are also used for fragile figurines, electronics, or anything else that is breakable. So, when you’re buying your dish pack boxes, make sure you account for everything fragile in your home that needs one of these specialty boxes.

Here are the 8 best places to buy dish pack boxes:

  1. Home Depot
  2. Lowe’s
  3. Walmart.com
  4. From Your Moving Company
  5. Amazon
  6. Craigslist
  7. UsedCardboardBoxes.com
  8. Uhaul Locations

1. Home Depot

Home Depot

Home Depot has some of the best bargains on dish pack boxes you can find. Home Depot doesn’t call them “dish packs”, they call them “heavy-duty” boxes. These boxes are simply double walled thick to keep your fragile kitchen items safe. Their heavy-duty boxes are good quality and are a little less than $3 each.

2. Lowe’s


Lowe’s dish pack boxes are very similar to Home Depot’s. They’re a bit less than $3 each and are the cheapest new moving boxes you can find.

The one thing about buying your dish pack as Home Depot and Lowe’s is that although these boxes are cheap, other packing materials there are not. If you’re looking for other packing materials like tape or mattress bags, check Amazon or Uhaul locations.

3. Walmart.com

Moving Boxes

Walmart.com also offers heavy-duty dish pack boxes. From there, their dish packs are labeled as “extra-strength” moving boxes. The best part about getting your dish packs from Walmart.com is they offer free delivery for most locations. Also, their boxes are very affordable like the other department stores. What’s also good about Walmart’s boxes are that some of them have built-in handles. This makes them much easier to carry than those from the other stores.

4. From Your Moving Company


Most moving companies will sell dish pack boxes and other packing supplies to their customers. If you are having them do all the packing for you, they’ll only charge you for what you need, and you won’t pay for boxes you don’t use.

If you care more about convenience, we highly recommend having your moving company do all the packing for you. But, you still have to prepare in terms of getting rid of things that aren’t being moved. Having a moving company pack your fragile items covers you for any breakage that may happen. If you hired a reputable company, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about breakage in the first place.

5. Amazon

Amazon is another place to find dish pack boxes. There are many box retailers who sell these heavy-duty dish packs, you just have to do a bit of shopping to find the right deal. If you can get each box for less than $3, it’s a good deal. Anything higher than that, you’ll be spending more money than you need to.

6. Craigslist

Craigslist is a great place to get free heavy-duty dish pack boxes and other packing supplies…They just have to be available. If you check listings in your area every single day early enough before you move, you should be able to find dish packs and other boxes and supplies.

Make sure you check out the pictures in the posts to see if the boxes are good enough quality for your move. Sometimes you’ll be able to get boxes that have only been used once and are in practically new condition.

7. UsedCardboardBoxes.com

UsedCardboardBoxes.com sources used cardboard boxes from places and offers 2-day shipping. The prices are about the same as if you we’re to buy your packing supplies at the department stores, but the benefit here is that you’ll be saving the environment by using recycled materials.

8. Uhaul Locations

U haul also offers dish pack boxes you can buy. From what we found online, heavy-duty dish packs are more expensive than the other sources. However, other packing materials like tape and mattress bags are affordable. You can either visit one of their locations or head over to their store on Amazon. If you buy on Amazon you can buy affordable dish pack boxes through U haul plus get the free 2-day shipping that Amazon Offers.

More Dish Pack Box Packing Tips

It’s not as much about which dish pack boxes to buy vs. how you pack them. Most double-walled dish packs are suitable for your fragile items. Here are some tips for packing your dish pack boxes.

How To Set Up & Tape A Dish Pack

The first step when setting up your dish pack box (before opening it) is folding down the top two flaps. When you open the box with the top two flaps down (if your dish pack has flap tabs) the box flaps will stay down and not get in your way when loading the box.

To tape the box, we recommend three pieces of tape stretched tightly on the bottom and one piece of tape wrapped all the way around.

After filling the box, break the tabs on the flaps to close the box. Make sure the contents are snug in place and use an extra layer of packing paper on top. Again, three pieces of tape to close it, and one around.

When To Use A Dish Pack?

It’s recommended to always use dish pack boxes when you have very breakable items, you are moving long-distance, or moving into storage.

When moving long-distance, it’s common for your items to be packed very tightly and be bouncing around a bit for quite some time. It’s also common for your items to be handled a few more times before they reach their final destination. In these cases, dish pack boxes are essential to use to ensure your fragile items make it without breaking.

If you are moving into storage, use a dish pack box. Regular lightweight boxes that are stacked on top of each other for long periods of time will likely begin to smash due to gravity. Having a dish pack provides extra strength to keep your fragile items safe.

How To Pack A Dish Pack

The first thing you do when packing your fragile items into a dish pack is to open the box and tape one side. When you open the box, before opening it, fold the top flaps down, then open it. This allows you to pack the box with the flaps out of the way.

After taping the box with 3 pieces of tape, bundle up a packing paper on the bottom to provide cushion for whatever goes in the box. If you are packing dishes, make sure you always pack your plates or items vertically in the box. This keeps the contents from cracking when the moving truck goes over bumps.

When all your items are about 80% to the top, layer another layer of crumpled packing paper to secure all the items inside. You don’t want items inside to move around, you want everything to be snug fit. Close the box and tape it shut with another 3 pieces of tape. Mark the box on the side, not the top.

If packed correctly you should be able to drop a dish pack box or knock it over and the contents should still be fine. Don’t actually do this, but in theory, if it’s accidentally dropped, everything inside should still be safe.

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