The Green Packer by Pack-All LLC is an innovative way to pack flat screen TV’s, pictures, mirrors and other fragile glass pieces.

The Green Packer was created by moving professionals with 40 years experience in the moving and packing business.

“Used just one time, moving professionals will never take on another job without a Green Packer on board.” – Pack-All LLC

The Green Packer Website: Pack-All LLC

Review from Tony Gallo – Gallo Moving & Storage

“Just wanted to let you know that we received the Green Packer and the initial feedback from the crew is positive. A big time saver for the guys versus either packing in boxes or having to pad wrap glass and pictures.

It is always challenging selling mirror cartons on a local move because of the cost, and this gives us a great way to avoid that and still get the items there in one piece.

Great product! We will be ordering more before next season!

Have a great day”

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