These quick and simple moving company branding tips will help establish a better image for your business and make marketing and advertising more effective.

  1. Establish a logo and consistent company colors.
  2. Brand your moving trucks (rolling billboards) with your logo and always keep them looking clean.
  3. Market whatever is unique and memorable about your company.
  4. Make sure your crew members are always in uniform with your company colors.
  5. Put your logo on everything – email signature line, social media/online listings, all paperwork etc.
  6. Have consistency across online local listings, and social media platforms – make sure each listing has an exact match for Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Website, and Profile Image.
  7. Take pictures of your crews in action and moving trucks and add them to social media accounts and local listing sites.
  8. Create a Company Founding Story page or About Us page with details that will help people remember your brand and help you stand out.
  9. Have exceptional customer service – nothing is better for brand loyalty than an amazing experience.
  10. Create an email newsletter to stay connected with your previous customers and establish deep roots in your community.
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