It may not seem like a big deal if a previous customer forgets your name since people don’t move often. But when they forget, you miss out on many referral opportunities from the hundreds or thousands of happy customers you serve every year.

3 Reasons Why Customers Have Forgotten The Name Of Your Moving Company

  1. Moving gets complicated, and it’s very likely for people to forget your name during the complexities of a move..More than any other kind of service.
  2. Business cards given after the move can easily become lost in the mess or thrown out.
  3. Over time, it’s common for everyone to forget the names of the services they use.

It’s very important to stay connected with your happy previous customers. Staying connected increases repeat, referral and word of mouth business.

How To Make Sure Your Customers Remember Your Name And Refer Your Services

A Monthly Email Newsletter: Monthly contact with your happy previous customers is a very simple and subtle way to remind them that you still exist.  Happy customers have the ability to give A+ personal recommendations to anyone they know who is moving. The more people who have YOUR NAME fresh in mind, the more referrals you will get – especially from happy customers.

Most likely, you’ve already established communication with your previous customers via email, so why not continue the conversation? Make sure you’re consistently sending helpful emails from your company (just once-a-month is all it takes). Your emails should have fresh and engaging information so your recipients stay subscribed and opening your emails. You can always enlist Moversville to create your branded monthly email newsletter and provide this complete kind of email marketing service…Learn More

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