No matter how great your moving company is, there’s going to be 1 in 20 customers who has a bad experience. And in the midst of one of life’s most stressful events (moving), they’re going to leave a very long, sometimes nasty, online review to vent out their frustrations.

Meanwhile, those unhappy customers begin to fill your yelp profile with bad reviews, making your moving company seem incompetent and unreliable.

Unhappy customers WILL vent, so it’s all about directing their “vent” to you, rather than to an online review site that tarnishes your reputation.

The best way to increase your online reputation is to have a “system” to get happy customers to post a review, and unhappy customers to vent without posting a review.

Moversville “Thank You” Email System

  • Our system involves a post-move “Thank You” email sent your recent customers that steers happy customers to websites like Yelp and Google+ while steering unhappy customers to vent their frustrations to you internally.
  • The system we create for you allows your moving company to express it’s most sincere gratitude for their business as well as motivate happy customers to review your services online.
  • But WAIT! There’s More…While using our “Thank You” Email system, month after month we will be growing your email list and soon you’ll have a strong enough email list if you decide you want a monthly email newsletter.
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