Absence of Google My Business Listing

When people search for “nearby moving companies”, the result will include a few local results right at the top of the search results page. The businesses included in this section all have a Google My Business Page. Make sure your moving company has either added or claimed their business in Google My Business.

Inconsistent Business Listings and NAPW Information

Your business should have listings on as many local websites (yp.com, kudzu, etc.) as possible.

More importantly, all of those listings should have exact, consistent NAPW  (Name, Address, Phone, Website) information.

Google and other search engines crawl and use these kinds of local directory websites to help determine the strength of your business in that location.

Missing Relevant Categories

One of the most overlooked and often the most costly mistake made selecting the wrong categories for your moving companies.

One tip is to review the categories of top-ranking moving companies and do something similar.

The more categories you are in, the more likely your prospects are to find you.

Note that it’s against Google’s terms to include irrelevant categories so be careful when you select your categories, and keep them to under 5.

Incomplete or Thin Business Listing

Make sure your listing includes a strong company description, at least 6 photos, contact information, and reviews.

Google likes to provide the best results for their users, so having a robust and complete listing will rank your company higher.

Missing Contact Information On Your Website

Confirm all of your contact information on your moving company’s contact page.

Make sure that your business Name, Address, and Phone number are listed as text (not image).  This allows Google and other search engines read your contact information and verify its accuracy.

One of the measures Google takes to ensure accuracy is to compare the information listed on your website versus the information listed on your Google My Business profile page.

Lack of Customer Reviews

Most moving companies struggle to get customers to review their services online. The problem is that it takes some real effort on your customers’ end to add a review.

There is no real magic solution to getting more reviews besides simply asking. Ask via email, in-person and over the phone and make it as easy as possible for every customer to leave a review.

Of those 3 methods, we’ve found that asking via email, and including a link and directions is the most effective method. Don’t expect most of your customers to leave a review. Getting positive reviews will likely be a slow process, but over time it adds up and will give you a real competitive advantage.

Lack of Overall On-Page SEO For Your Website

If your website doesn’t have proper on-page SEO, Google won’t rank it as high in the local search results.

Make sure your on-page SEO is properly set up and includes your location based keywords etc.

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