In the moving industry it’s quite common to come across angry, stressed out customers. Relocation is a very stressful task and it is very important to understand that many customers will naturally have high tempers during a move.

Even though the movers are generally doing all the heavy lifting and strenuous work, it is the customer who is going through the change so keep this in mind on every move. Each and every customer is moving for a reason and for some it’s not a good reason.


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Customers who are moving can easily get angry for a variety of reasons. Since you are in the business of serving your customers, you have probably come across this often.

Why Your Customer May Get Angry During a Move

The customer is moving and already stressed out to begin with so anything minor that happens will likely be blown out of control – Keep the customer calm and try not to let THEIR actions get in the way of YOUR professionalism.

The move has taken considerably longer than the quote describes – Be sure your customer fully understands why it is taking long and what the solution is to get the job done faster.

Items get damaged during the move – Make sure your customer understands what insurance is going to cover and what else can be done about it.

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