“There is no second chance to make a first impression.” Nowadays that first impression is pictures of your moving company on your website.

Good photos of your moving company are one of the easiest and most important pieces to have in your overall online marketing strategy.

Lucky for you, many movers (aka. your competition) don’t take the time to put together great photos of their moving company. Doing so will help your moving company stand out from the rest and ultimately help you book more jobs.

Studies show our brains not only process visuals faster, but they retain and transmit much more information when it’s delivered visually.

Without photos, your entire online marketing strategy is limited to those who are willing to take the time to read. Acquiring good photos is very easy, and once you have a bunch, you can use them everywhere, over and over again.

Moversville works with many moving companies in the U.S.A, creating and managing their monthly email newsletters. Below are some great photos from a few of our customers so you can get an idea of how to take photos of your moving company.

(Visit their websites & Facebook profiles to check out more of their great photos)

Banner Photos

Your banner photo is usually the first thing people see when they visit your website or other online profiles. This photo should be taken horizontally and far enough back on a bright sunny day to get your entire moving truck and job-site.

Clean Moving Trucks

Clean moving trucks assure potential customers that their items will be transported safely in a clean environment. These images go great across all marketing channels.

Moving Team In Action

Images of your clean cut crews in uniform allow you to show off your professionalism to your potential customers. It also allows you to show how your moving company operates by protecting furniture & homes during a move.

Community Involvement

Sometimes showcasing how important giving back is to your moving company will sway people to use one moving company over another. These photos are great for social media and monthly email newsletters.


Pictures of your headquarters or business location shows that you’re a well-established moving company.

Although stock photos look good in certain areas of your website, photos of your actual moving company on a job-site are even better.

Here are a few tips for taking photos of your moving company

  • Take as many photos as you can, whenever you can. It’s common that only a small percentage of the photos you will take will be good enough to showcase.
  • Mind the weather – Photos taken on sunny days look better than ones taken on cloudy days.
  • Keep the camera horizontal for most shots (Especially for your moving trucks), and only vertical if there is a specific reason for it.
  • Mind the lighting & adjust the brightness if necessary. Dark photos in the shade or inside don’t look as good as those in the sun.
  • Have photos of all the services you provide – residential moving, office moving, storage etc.
  • Always ask the customer if they don’t mind taking photos if you’re taking photos of their property.
  • Use your Facebook or Google MyBusiness to store and refer to all your photos when you need them. This allows your marketing team, and/or 3rd party marketing services to access your latest photos easily.
  • Share this article with your movers on the job so they can get an idea of what great photos look like. They can easily get these great shots with their smartphones.
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