As a moving company, you want customers who are inexpensive to acquire and customers who are willing to pay standard rates. It’s that simple. But finding these “perfect” customers can be tough. Fortunately for you, these customers can all come directly from your customer database.

Previous customers can provide you with 2 of these “perfect” kinds of customers: Repeat and Word-of-Mouth. Repeat & word-of-mouth customers are either already comfortable with your quality services, or have had a friend personally recommend your services. Therefore, there’s not much time spent selling and you don’t have to offer crazy discounts to win them over. These customers are inexpensive to acquire and will most likely be willing to pay standard rates.

How do you get your existing database of happy customers to become lifelong customers and constantly refer your services?

Email Marketing. Email marketing is one of the best ways to increase your repeat and referral customers. Instead of having to send out expensive mailers, or create complex, time-intensive campaigns to target them, you can just send them weekly or monthly emails with valuable content inside.

How powerful is email marketing? A study by Convince & Convert found that 44% of people made a purchase based on a promotional email in 2013. Not only that, according to Experian, for every 1$ spent on email marketing, companies saw an average of $44.25 in return. And any businessman knows, these are great numbers! On top of that, email marketing can also increase traffic to your site, boost brand awareness, help you rank higher in Google, and help you become the most talked about moving company in your service area.

Email marketing is a great tool because it keeps you in their minds, without annoying them. When your email newsletters have valuable, powerful content, your customers are happy to receive your message, and when it comes time to use or mention your services to a friend, your moving company will be fresh on their minds and ready for a referral.

There are some great tools out there to get you started with an email newsletter, but the hard part will be creating great content so your customers will want to keep reading and opening your messages. Generally, newsletters should have 2 or 3 helpful or entertaining articles, as well as messages from your company. It can be very hard, especially for a busy moving professional to keep producing content week after week, month after month, year after year. Not only that, you have to constantly monitor click rates to see what kind of material your customers are interested in.

That’s where newsletter management services like Moversville comes in. Moversville creates the powerful content for you, encompassed within a beautiful email newsletter branded for your moving company. You just send us your list of past customers, (and new customers that come in), as well as any local referrers, such as real estate agents, property managers etc. and we’ll create the impeccable email newsletter your customers will love. Let us take care of getting you more “perfect” customers and you just focus on your business. Our clients love us, and we know you will too!

Check out one of our newsletters to get a feel for what we do, and then click here to get started with your lead-generating email newsletter.

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