Believe it or not, email newsletter marketing isn’t for all moving companies. In fact, for some movers, it can work against their objective and become a waste of time & money.

In this article, we’re digging into our own data and providing you with the most important factors to have in order to have success with email newsletter marketing.

Factor #1 – Provide Great Service

Email newsletter marketing increases your referrals. But if your newsletter is being sent to unhappy customers, those people might actually tell others NOT to use your moving company.

On the contrary, sending your email newsletter to your growing list of happy customers greatly increases your chances of them referring friends, family, co-workers etc.

Factor #2 – Have A Sizable Email list

We tell everyone who is looking to use our services that they need to have an email list of at least 300-400 email addresses. Anything less is not worth it.

When it comes to email newsletter marketing, the more email addresses of potential referral targets the better. This means previous customers, real estate agents, property managers, apartment complexes, senior living homes, and any other audience that will bring you referrals. And don’t hesitate to include your own friends & family.

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Factor #3 – Have Images of Your Trucks & Crews-In-Action

From our own experience, one of the hardest tasks is creating an impressionable email newsletter for a moving company who has no visual images. In these cases, stock photos are the only option.

When it comes to branding and marketing your local business, nothing compares to ACTUAL photos of your branded trucks & crews in action. Taking photos is very easy nowadays and they can be used in almost all of your marketing material.

And that’s it.

If you have all of these factors, congratulations! Email newsletter marketing is right for your moving company and you should definitely consider it. Here’s a hint too: If your company uses a moving company software, email newsletter marketing is easier than ever. These software services allow you to export your email database of previous customers and will streamline you right into the next step of email newsletter marketing.


Moversville has sent millions of emails on behalf of moving companies nationwide. We’ve seen and conquered all of the hidden challenges and are ready to streamline your moving company right into success.

If you want to just CONSIDER IT DONE then fill out this form and we’ll get your branded email newsletter up and running in just a few days.

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