Yelp can be both GOOD and BAD for your moving company. On the one side, they are great at bringing your moving company business through its users, and if you have a strong yelp profile with great reviews, people will see this and be more persuaded to use your moving company.

On the other hand…

If you are showcasing your Yelp reviews on your website, and linking to Yelp, this can actually HURT your moving company.

Here’s Why:

People who land on your website are YOUR prospects. They are deciding whether or not to use YOUR moving company. You may have paid top dollar for their traffic, earned their traffic through SEO or another marketing tactic.

When you link to your Yelp profile, you invite ALL of your local competition to have a go at YOUR prospect.

Have you visited your yelp page recently? Visit your Yelp profile and you’ll see that before someone even gets down to read your reviews, they’ve been served 2 ads from your local competitors. As they read your reviews, you’ll see more and more competitor ads throughout your profile.

This is the same for similar Yelp-Like websites (Angies List etc.) – Check out who you’re linking out to on your website & consider whether a link to them is good for your moving company.

2 MORE REASONS WHY linking to your Yelp profile on your website is actually hurting your business.

    1. When you google search “movers (your city)”, who comes up to the top? If there’s a bunch of Yelp listings before moving company listings, it’s partly due to them having so many backlinks from moving companies. When you link to yelp, you are essentially voting for them to be higher in the search engines than you. This means less of a chance of your moving company taking those top spots.
    2. Yelp brings competition. The more companies who are competing with each other, the more money Yelp makes and the more you have to pay them. In the moving industry, competition is not your friend. The more competitive a market is, the more you have to pay for marketing/advertising.

While showcasing your customer reviews on your website & showing you Angies List Super Service Award is good for your overall sales pitch. Linking to these sites are not in your best interest. It provides a direct road for your prospect to start considering other moving companies.

We’re not saying that Yelp is bad or you shouldn’t be on Yelp because you definitely should. Yelp will bring you customers with little to no effort on your part. But LINKING TO YELP from your website HURTS your moving company, as well as the entire industry as a whole.

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