Great real estate professionals have a steady flow of customers who need highly rated moving services. This article explains how to properly network online with those real estate professionals in order to get your moving company a steady flow of referrals.

To maximize your efforts, before connecting with them, you should:

  • Be fully licensed and insured according to your service area
  • Have at least a 4 star or better Yelp and Google+ rating
  • Consider establishing branded accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, & Google+
  • Have images on your website & social media accounts of your clean moving trucks & your clean cut (uniformed) crews in action.

Without these components, your connection efforts could all be for nothing. “You never have a second chance to make a great first impression”.

The LinkedIn Method

Our guide for connecting and establishing relationships with real estate agents on LinkedIn

Connecting With High-Volume RE Agents

Only a portion of licensed agents have a constant, steady flow of clients. Find out who the top 50-300 agents (based on your market size) are in your area with Zillow’s agent search.

These online networking steps might take some time, but the long term reward of these connections are worth the initial effort. Delegate this work out if you have to.

  1. Create a spreadsheet and collect the names and email addresses of your area’s top real estate agents.
  2. Connect with them on social platforms (LinkedIn & Facebook are the most popular).
  3. Be sure to give them a “small win” by liking or sharing their content.

Your company’s brand (name+logo+images+location) should be consistent across all of your social media accounts.

Staying Connected

A great way to stay connected with those on your newly established realtor list is by way of your moving company’s monthly email newsletter. Many successful movers have added to their marketing strategy a monthly email newsletter sent to their previous customers and local real estate agents. Email newsletters should always be helpful and engaging, NOT 100% advertisement.

Consider Moversville to create and implement your monthly email messages. Creating fresh, helpful content month after month can become difficult for movers. Moversville creates all the fresh and helpful content it takes to properly stay connected with valuable local real estate professionals in your area.

Your Own Monthly Email Newsletter – Moversville.

Stay Consistent

Once you’ve become acquainted with some local real estate agents, they will likely start sending referrals your way. By staying connected via your helpful email newsletter and providing exceptional moving services, you should begin to see a steady increase of referrals as you begin to earn and gain their trust.

Why referrals are the most profitable kind of business.

Importance of Quality Service – Especially With Referrals

The service you provide to a referred customer is a reflection of the real estate agent who is referring. It only takes one bad move to a referred customer, for the agent to stop sending you business…forever.

After the move, give the agent a quick call to thank them personally for the referral, and ask how their client got settled in. These short phone calls, expressing your gratitude are sometimes the most powerful way to continue getting referrals.

The primary goal of this process is to connect properly with as many local real estate agents as possible so that a handful of them trust and like your services so much that they are willing to refer you almost every one of their clients.

Connect Properly, Provide Quality Services, Stay Connected = Benefit

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