Local real estate agents have direct access to your future prospects. Partnering with them can land your moving company several jobs per month, per partner.

Most real estate agents who refer moving services aren’t looking for any kickback, usually they just want to refer a moving company that can provide their customer with the best moving services.

Connecting with local real estate agents is as simple as sending an email. But it’s all about how you craft that email if you want to get results.

Rule #1: Keep it short, make it clear, and get to the point.

Many people nowadays don’t have the time or attention span to sit a read a 500+ word email. Get to the point of who you are, why you’re reaching out, and how you can benefit them.

Rule #2: Be able to back up what you’re saying.

If you say you provide the “best moving services in town”, and your Yelp profile is 3 stars or less, don’t even bother with the email. Your first step should be providing your customers with better moving services, or actively getting your happy customers to write more positive online reviews.

Provide a few links to your website and review listing profiles (yelp, google etc.), so the realtor can check you out and your reputation.

Rule #3: Don’t stop at the introduction – Stay connected monthly

Sometimes it takes a few attempts to sink deep into the consciousness of your audience. Consider an engaging monthly email newsletter to go out after your intro so you can stay in touch and stay in their eyes.

No Time For This? Let Moversville do it all for you. Moversville writes custom introduction emails for movers to local real estate agents and carries out entire custom monthly email newsletter programs.

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