Be sure to save this article for when you decide to invest your time into your moving company’s social media marketing efforts.

The moving industry isn’t very “buzz-worthy”, and hearing crickets on your social media posts is totally normal. But, if you understand social media, you can greatly benefit from it like many moving companies are.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing helps grow your brand within your community, so when someone needs to move, you’re first in mind for their business or referrals.

Where Do Most Moving Companies Fail?

The being “SOCIAL” part.

Autoposting content and expecting immediate business just doesn’t happen. And it’s not something you can entirely third-party out. You may be able to third-party out certain media campaigns, but the social part is something best done in-house.

Social Media Marketing works best if you have someone in-house, posting, liking, sharing and commenting on relevant content. Commenting on posts from local real estate agents, local businesses, and other areas where your community is having a conversation is BEING SOCIAL.

Always Provide Value

When you provide small pieces of value to someone whether it be a helpful comment, a “like”, “share”, or helpful post, people will remember you and like you.

Don’t Be Inactive

If you’re just starting and don’t have the time for social media, it’s best to post at least one post a month (crews in action, trucks etc.). You never want your profiles to look like you’re not in business anymore.

Having an active looking profile (even if you’re not that active) is good for when someone Google searches your name and checks you out on Facebook. It does happen quite often.

5 Social Media Posts Movers Are Posting To Increase Engagement & Interaction

Community Involvement & Helping The Community.

People on social media love when a business helps out their community. It shows that your company has great values and care about the communities you serve.

View Neighbors Relocation’s Facebook Page

Sharing & Commenting on Community News

When something happens the community, people pay attention. Being the company to bring that information puts eyes & engagement on you and your post.

View Big Apple Moving & Storage’s Facebook Page

On-The-Job Photos

Consistently posting on-the-job photos allow people to see first hand that you’re currently doing jobs in their community and shows how your moving company operates.

View Ready To Move’s Facebook Page

Your Moving Crew Photos + Inspirational Comment

When you post your moving crew with an additional inspirational comment, it shows your community that you care about your team and customers.

View TrueFriends Moving Company’s Facebook Page

Customer Reviews

When you provide excellent services to someone in your community, posting their review to Facebook shows what others are saying about your company.

View Square Cow Moovers’ Facebook Page

More Social Media Marketing Tips For Moving Companies:

  • Talk about your social media plans with your team members and crews. They have the ability to make on-the-job posts, re-share content to gain traction, and help keep your company in the eyes of the community.
  • Diversify your posts. When you share the same category of posts, your audience gets used to you in their feed and will scroll by every time. When this happens, Facebook starts to show your posts to fewer and fewer of your audience.
  • Be helpful and provide value. If your company is being helpful and providing value to your audience, it tells people that if your good at helping them on social media, you’re probably good at helping them at what you actually do – moving.
  • Get Creative. Always be looking for social media post opportunities and create posts from your phone wherever you’re at.
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